No phone, no cry?

So I turned my phone into a paper weight by doing some custom upgrades to it. Everything was running perfectly with the upgrade. It was fast and nice and shiny. Then I decided to restore a backup and it’s non-responsive now.

Lesson learned. I’ve messed around with custom upgrades and got comfortable. Those disclaimers actually mean something.

I’m curious how the next days will go until I fix it or (more likely) get a replacement. I can already feel the slight sting and anxiousness of being “disconnected.” I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing. Life was fine before mobile phones, but this is also the first time I’m without any sort of phone (landline or mobile).

Until then, I’m only available via e-mail or Skype. :)

UPDATE: After letting the battery die completely, the phone ended up booting back up :) Life is good.

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