New York, New York

Empire Point of View :)

After so many years of investing, it was fun to see where some of it goes down. Went to a nice beer garden nearby. Ordered a Bell’s Double Cream Stout for Mitten State solidarity :)

Walking along High Line Park. It took you up and close to so many modern and old buildings along its abandoned rail line. My mom loves the shade of blue on the building in this picture. 

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  1. OMG Jay, Myself and Ashlee were just in NYC seeing the same sights but a bit more. We were there for over 6 days and everyday was a and different world each day abit more. Day 1 walked around the city. Had dinner at a place called the Island with extremely famous Docs talked about the history of Mount Sinai for over 3 hours. Got lost took me a long time to find my way back to timesquare WHAT no fireworks.?????? It was extremely hot. Day 2 Jay and I went to breakfast cost ????????? WHAT $50 for breakfast and went to Mt. Sinai Beth Isreal Hospital put together folders for the MEN Program for the MEN Seminar. Jay wanted to carry these folders 11 blocks to our hotel but HELP came our way our helper Jacquai russled up some big muscled men to carry the completed the mission forward on. They were all there at 6am the day of the MEN (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia) along with real NYC Bagels and fixins.
    The Seminar went very well. Day 4 walked around the Bronx ate at small vendors and ate Great wierd food Great seafood that night. Day 5 Ground Zero no noise horrible, chest of emotions hurt will never go there again. BAD< BAD PLACE Next day went to see Phantom of the Opera, At pizza in Timesquare WHAT pizza without veggies?? Like my pizza Metros better. OMG I have actually been asked to go back to NYC to teach classes to medical students, interns, residents, Really seems I can teach them a thing or two(:)

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