Last, last, last, and last days of the season!

We got one last spell of Winter a few weeks ago in Northern Michigan. Despite the late season, the snow was just like mid-season.

This final treat brought out all the hardcore/diehard skiers and snowboarders. It was almost as much fun being on the lift watching everyone’s turns then laying them down yourself.

It was such a nice closing to the season. Here’s a couple pictures from my two days at Nub’s Nob plus a few bonus pictures of a spring freeze in East Lansing.

2 Replies to “Last, last, last, and last days of the season!

  1. 80 degrees today but, we live in Michigan, that storm was one of our stranger ones, freezing rain, then snow, then 4 inches of sleet, which was like walking in sand, then snow 12 inch total and was gone in a matter of 4 days. I love walking through snow in 65 degree temp

    1. You gotta love Michigan :) I heard Boyne Mountain was open on Sunday. I’ll admit, I do love the feel of warmer weather, but I still miss the snow. I guess you can’t beat that. We get the best of all seasons in Michigan :)

      Hope you’re well!

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