Running at Rose Lake State Wildlife Area

Today was a beautiful day for a run. After a year and a half of living in the Lansing area, I finally found Rose Lake Wildlife Area and my new trail running spot :)

The trails are pretty tight and a bit overgrown in some areas. It forces you to dodge and duck all the time, making you feel like a running back in training. 

I’m still learning the area as you might see from the screenshot above. I made a wrong turn and had to run an extra mile (not shown on the screenshot) to get back to my car :)


  • Dragonflies everywhere. I ran through clouds of them, stirring them up in the air around me.
  • One bug inhaled. This could be a lowlight but since it was only one, I’m going to keep this in the highlight section. :)
  • Ran 4 miles instead of my usual 2.5. 
  • Bumped into a lady who was petting a little painted turtle on the trail. :)  

Nice weekend.  

Video from My Steamboat Springs Trip

It’s fitting that I finally get around to posting this video on May 15th after a freak snow shower this morning. It made me smile and reminds me that winter is just 6 months or so away. :)

Here’s some clips from a beautiful trip to Steamboat Springs earlier this year. :)